Dry Carpet Cleaning & Sanitising System

Home is the one place we should all feel safe & clean.

Continentz Dry Carpet Cleaning & Sanitising System is one of the most efficient and renowned carpet cleaning systems in the market today. This system delivers superior hygiene cleaning results, be it for spot or deep cleaning. As it is water-free, there is no downtime or risk of damage to the carpet. 

Why choose Continentz:

  • Zero drying time

  • 100% Environmentally Responsible

  • Suitable for use on ALL carpet types

  • Ideal for both spot and deep cleaning

  • Faster than many conventional methods

  • No risk of damage to carpets or furniture

  • No need to ventilate the room after use

  • Restores crushes carpet pile & deodorises floors

  • Uses only Woolsafe-approved sanitising products


Image by Sarah Dorweiler